Brad Friedel’s AMA on redditt

Tottenham's Brad Friedel is nearing retirement on the pitch, but we know he isn't going away completely. Today on reddit.com, the U.S. netminder took some time out of his day to answer any and all fan questions.

Among the fodder were many inquiries about his Spurs teammates, as well as Friedel’s time at Aston Villa, his future and the state of goalkeeping on the U.S. national team. Here’s what Brad had to say:

  • "I know Gareth very well and I know he’s been playing a lot of golf this off-season. Regarding a possible transfer - I know nothing about this and have not spoken to him about it. And I, like every Spurs supporter and every member of Spurs staff, hope he stays for many, many years at Tottenham."

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