Tahiti official Twitter account goes berserk over lone goal vs Nigeria


Nearly everyone expected massive underdog Tahiti to get crushed by every opponent they faced in the Confederations Cup, and that’s precisely what’s happened so far after their 6-1 defeat at the hands of Nigeria.

While they may not have the most talent in the tournament, you can argue that Tahiti has more pride than any other team. They have considered it a blessing to be in the tournament at all and are enjoying every minute of it.

Despite being blown out, the official Tahiti football Twitter showed just how much pride they have:

Alright, maybe that last tweet was a little overambitious, but credit Tahiti fans and supporters for getting behind the team no matter what.


One of the great clichés in football is that there are no easy games — wrong!

When Jordan played Kuwait in a recent Women’s Asian Cup Qualifier, it knew it was in for an easy game. Kuwait’s women’s team, for all its courage, just isn’t very good.

How bad is Kuwait? Jordan won 21-0.

Kuwait, which played its first international game just three years ago, lost its first qualifier against Uzbekistan 18-0, so the scoreline in this one shouldn’t have surprised anyone. However, watching the goals makes it even more apparent how thoroughly outmatched Kuwait is look on the pitch.

Clearly, the Kuwait women’s soccer program is a work in process and we wish them all the best. But allow us just one suggestion: Start by developing some goalkeepers, preferably bigger ones. Felt bad for the girl halfway through.

(H/T 101GG)