Pepe gets head stapled, returns to match after ugly collision

Crimson mask!

During Real Madrid’s Champions League match against Copenhagen on Wednesday, bruising defender Pepe, for once, found himself on the short end of an aerial collision. Suffering a huge gash over his right eye, Pepe was writhing in pain for several minutes before trainers came on to staple him back together.


You tend to have a little less sympathy when something like this happens to a guy who is notorious for dishing out horror tackles and general roughhousing. Still, you must commend Pepe for his toughness on this occasion.

Pepe later took to Twitter to thank his doctors and tell his fans he’s doing well:


Laurent Koscielny gets kicked in face, has to leave match

As if Arsenal didn’t have enough personnel problems, center back Laurent Koscielny was kicked in the face by Fenerbahce’s Pierre Webo in the Gunners’ dominant 3-0 away win in Istanbul.

The foul was certainly not Webo’s intention, but the high boot caught Koscielny square in the face, opening up a ghastly cut over his right eye. While Webo received a yellow card, the bloodied defender was forced to leave the match and headed to the hospital. Apparently, it was pretty bad:

According to the Daily Mirror, Arsenal’s physiotherapist Colin Lewin also later told TV it was the worst cut he had ever seen.

Here’s to wishing Koscielny a speedy recovery. Arsenal sure need him. They’ve already lost Mikel Arteta and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain for lengthy injury spells, and the season has only just begun.