It’s been a fantastic day for clubs in Yorkshire

On the final day of the Championship season, local Yorkshire rivals Huddersfield Town and Barnsley were both desperately trying to avoid relegation to League One.

Tension rose when Huddersfield scored the equalizer in the 82nd minute, Barnsley was doomed unless they could score again. But it wasn’t over yet.

Crystal Palace scored a late winner against Peterborough. That result meant that all the two Yorkshire clubs had to do was keep the score at 2-2 and both would live to play another season in the Championship.

Word of Palace’s win spread through the stadium, and the fans started chanting “Yorkshire! Yorkshire!”

The players quickly figured out what was happening.

Without hesitation, both sides appeared to agree to just hang out on the pitch until the game ended. Barnsley goalkeeper casually dribbled the ball around his box while the rest of the players stood at midfield, anxiously waiting the whistle.

When it finally blew, the stadium erupted in joyous celebrations.


Add in Hull’s promotion to the Premier League, and we’re certain that all of Yorkshire will be partying tonight.


Barnsley forced to wear Crystal Palace away kits!

Before Saturday’s Championship tilt between Crystal Palace and Barnsley, referee Kevin Stroud decided that the visitor’s black and blue striped away kits, as well as their red home kits, were both too similar to Crystal Palace’s red and blue striped home uniforms.

The solution? Barnsley was forced to borrow Palace’s away kits!


The game itself ended in a 0-0 draw, making Palace’s kit sponsors the only real winners!