Ancelotti Gets Tongue-Tied, Forgets How to Speak English


We all know that soccer is a global game, bu it’s easy to ignore the wealth of languages, cultures and backgrounds that managers have to be familiar with as they work with their players. That said, constantly flowing through languages isn’t a straight-forward task, something that new Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti proved at  a recent press conference.

Born in Italy, Ancelotti has time and time again shown his talent for learning new languages quickly, whether it’ss English while coaching Chelsea, or French while at PSG. Nevertheless, when a reporter asked a question in English, Ancelotti froze, struggled for a moment, and responded in Spanish, "I am studying Spanish and I didn’t understand any of your English. Sorry."

After taking a moment, Ancelotti responded in English, but the clip goes to show that managing abroad can make for some tricky, lingual mix-ups!