Nile Ranger Continues Trend of Awful Footballer Tattoos

Now, we usually give footballers a bit of leeway with their fashion choices, since they are supposed to be eccentric, but this is too ridiculous, even for us. 

Former Newcastle striker Nile Ranger recently posted a photo of a new addition to his lineup of tattoos. When ranger tattooed a smiley face on the inner part of his mouth a few years ago, it seemed like the worst tattoo he could possibly get. Wrong.


You’re not imagining things. Nile Ranger tattooed his own name on his face. We’re not exactly sure of the reason, but we completely support giving people a heads up before they interact with Nile. 

Surprisingly, we can’t definitively say that this is the worst tattoo we’ve ever seen in world football, a niche that seems to attract awful body art.

For example, here’s former Inter Milan legend, Marco Materazzi, who seems to have tattooed a game of Bejeweled on his arm.


Or Bologna midfielder, Alessandro Diamanti, who might want to check if his tattoo artist has a license. Smile!


Or former Arsenal defender, Andre Santos, who seems to have let his mother design his tattoo.


But if we have to pick one, it might be the stomach tattoo of Southampton’s goalkeeper, Artur Boruc, who seems to have found a use for his belly button.


Keep up the good works, guys.


Andre Santos is, well, still busy being Andre Santos.

The Arsenal man who was sent out on loan to Brazilian side Gremio (to huge sighs of relief by the Gunner faithful) missed the decisive penalty in a Campeonato Gaucho semifinal against Juventude by a lot. That ball still hasn’t come back down.

Some thought maybe Santos just needed a change of scenery to turn his form around. By the looks of it, maybe he should just look for a different profession instead.