Jose Manuel “Chepo” de la Torre talks Mexico, Gold Cup and more


By Leander Schaerlaeckens, FOXSoccer.com

The Gold Cup is a deceptively difficult tournament. This biennial championship of the CONCACAF region, constituted of North and Central America and the Caribbean, is short on marquee names.

Just don’t tell that to Mexico’s manager Jose Manuel “Chepo” de la Torre.

Mexico is in crisis. An alarming start to World Cup qualifying and an inglorious exit from the Confederations Cup have left Mexico’s manager a man whose job could be taken from him any day now.

The Mexican federation claims this isn’t true. “There is no Plan B,” national team director Hector Gonzalez Inarritu said in a press conference last week. “I’m confident that we will qualify for the World Cup and we will win the Gold Cup.”

In an exclusive interview with FOX Sports, de la Torre explains the current state of Mexico’s national team before this summer’s Gold Cup tournament:

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Trecker’s Brazilian Travels: Chaos runs supreme

By Jamie Trecker, FOXSoccer.com


Belo Horizonte descended into chaos Wednesday night as protestors clashed with police throughout the town. The Confederations Cup match between Brazil and Uruguay saw over 100,000 people attempt to break the security cordon set up one mile around the perimeter of the Estadio Mineirao, and police and protestors traded blows. One serious injury was reported, and police announced that 15 people had been arrested.

The scenes – with raging fires that claimed businesses, and smoke and tear gas billowing over the sides of the Mineirao – seemed better suited to a war zone than a soccer tournament. Army forces reinforced the police, and ten helicopters were deployed above and around the stadium, creating an eerie scene as kickoff approached.


Photo: Christophe Simon/AFP/Getty Images

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Say hello to Neymar the barber


Image via @Njunior11

Not only can the young Brazilian score incredible goals, looks like he can give a pretty good haircut too.

In preparation for their Confederations Cup clash with Mexico, midfielder Lucas Moura decided he needed to look as fresh as possible. Neymar decided to lend a helping hand and give his teammate a brand new buzzcut outside of their team hotel.

If it doesn’t work out for Neymar at Barcelona, he might just have a second career to fall back on.


Balotelli scores game winning goal, dedicates it to rapper Drake


There are three certainties in life: death, taxes and Mario Balotelli making headlines.

In the past two months alone, the Italian striker offered his girlfriend to Real Madrid players if they could come back from a 4-1 deficit against Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League semifinals, he took his $300,000 Ferrari onto a go kart track after he was banned from go karting, and he got himself into a Twitter battle with Usain Bolt.

Late in Italy’s Confederations Cup match vs. Mexico, Balotelli broke the 1-1 draw with a 78th minute game winning goal. After the match, he dedicated the goal to his favorite rapping superstar:

Drake was kind enough to retweet the dedication. Whether or not Drake reacted to Balotelli’s goal like Italy’s famous broadcaster Tiziano Crudeli remains a mystery: