"German Bieber" scores awesome "diving" header

August 4th, 2014


Sharing your last name with an international superstar is tough.

To share it with “The Biebs,” well, that just might be the single hardest thing in the world, especially nowadays.

Alas, such is the fate that has befallen young Christopher Bieber, a soccer player for German fourth division club Würzburger Kickers. But rather than getting down on his luck for undoubtedly being the butt of every joke in Würzburg, the German Bieber has taken some important steps to distance himself from the pop idol.

He’s got his own cool nickname - “Bibo!” - for one, and, rather than performing songs about love and trying to act like a badass, the footballing Bieber is just straight-up badass.

How else can you explain this goal? A diving header… while lying down!

Baby, baby, baby (oooooh)! Eat your heart out, Robin van Persie. That is the greatest “diving” header goal we’ve ever seen.

Not even Orlando Bloom could hate on those skills.

(H/T Reddit)

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