World Cup Day 14: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

June 25th, 2014

First thing’s first: make sure you all print out the sick note courtesy of USA manager Jurgen Klinsmann so that you can watch the big game on Thursday. Do it! 

Got it? Okay, cool. Now let’s see what happened Wednesday in another edition of World Cup: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly:



Did you need any more proof that this is Lionel Messi’s tournament? You got it on Wednesday.

Messi left it late before winning Argentina’s first two games with a pair of superb goals, but he wasted no time against Nigeria. La Pulga went for pure power scoring his first in the third minute, then produced a signature free kick for his second before halftime.

And because Nigeria also had their scoring boots on, the World Cup of Goals continued:

Quiet, Rio:

Even Iran scored on Wednesday, which is significant because…

In the late games, Xherdan Shaqiri lit it up for Switzerland.

"Shaq Attack" scored the 50th hat trick in World Cup history and the second of 2014 after Thomas Muller, his Bayern Munich teammate. 



Messi’s latest heroics came two days after yet another spectacular performance from his Barcelona teammate and Brazil golden boy Neymar. That led us all to wonder, what’s been going on with the third poster boy of this World Cup, Cristiano something or other?

While Messi and Neymar now lead the Golden Boot race with four goals a piece, the reigning FIFA Ballon d’Or winner has a big fat 0 next to his name (though he does have one game-saving assist to his name, to be fair).

Ronaldo does lead in one category though: total haircuts.

He got another one, and unfortunately it is even more of an atrocity than his Vanilla Ice look for the USA game:

Oooo, this is awkward…



We’ve already had our share of crimson masks at this World Cup: Clint Dempsey broke his nose against Ghana and Thomas Muller had to receive stitches next to his right eye after a collision he suffered against, yup, Ghana.

Now, we can add Ecuador’s Cristian Noboa to the list of bloodied World Cup veterans. The midfielder clashed heads with France’s Blaise Matuidi, leaving him with a nasty gash on the back of the head. In order for Noboa to continue, medics placed a giant bandage on his head and secured it by pulling a mesh stocking cap over it.

Though head injuries aren’t anything to joke about, this look amused pretty much everyone:

Done and done!


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