World Cup Day 8: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

June 19th, 2014


You wouldn’t think a day that saw ten Greeks keep a full Japanese team from scoring would be eventful. But it was. Oh, yes. So eventful that it is impossible to pinpoint just one or two things that were either good, bad or ugly. But we’re going to try, because we love you.



There was certainly a lot of Good on Thursday. Right away, we started the day dancing along happily with the Colombians. They won two games at the World Cup for the first time ever and and would later seal progress to the Round of 16 thanks to Japan drawing Greece:

It’s safe to say the fans at that game were having a ton of fun, too — even after James Rodriguez killed off the giant inflatable soccer ball that made its way onto the pitch:


And guess what? Zlatan Ibrahimovic arrived in Brazil to take in the World Cup match between England and Uruguay! That’s good, right? Well, maybe equal parts good and bad. Good because having Zlatan around makes everything better; bad because we’d rather see him on the pitch than, say, any player on Greece or Japan. Have we mentioned how dreadful that game was yet?

But the best — no, greatest — thing about Thursday was the return of Luis Suarez. The Premier League’s top scorer didn’t play in Uruguay’s 3-1 loss to Costa Rica - he was still recovering from a knee surgery that was done less than a month ago - but he returned in a big way against England. Against an England side that featured five of his Liverpool teammates, Suarez scored two goals off four shots to push the Three Lions to the brink of elimination:


Play it again, Sam!

Even better? Suarez went over to console his Liverpool teammates on the losing side:



You mean, besides that Japan-Greece match? Well, let’s start where we left off in “The Good” - the England-Uruguay match.

Did you notice anything about both of Luis Suarez’s goals? They had a little help from England captain Steven Gerrard. On the first, Gerrard lost the ball that led to the Uruguayan counterattack. On the second, it was the Liverpool skipper who headed on Fernando Muslera’s goal kick… straight into Suarez’s path:

Yup, the past two months clearly haven’t been kind to Gerrard. But he wasn’t alone to blame for the loss, England fans. Remember when your manager, Roy Hodgson, insinuated that Suarez *wasn’t* world-class?

Not smart.

Speaking of Balotelli, “Super Mario” is considered one of the “bad boys” of soccer, so it’s not a  surprise that the former Manchester City striker couldn’t help but poke fun at England’s plight:

Your move, Queen Elizabeth.



The Japan-Greece game was unattractive, but what was really ugly was what happened to Uruguay’s Alvaro Pereira. He caught a knee from England’s Raheem Sterling — and was knocked out cold. With all we know about concussions these days, there’s no way Pereira should have been allowed back on the field. But the ref — and his own trainers — let him play on. 

Head injuries are no joke. Let’s hope FIFA follows the doctor’s advice, because frankly, anybody who looks like THIS:


…should NOT be playing.

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