Extremely happy Dutch soccer fan wins the weekend

May 4th, 2014


Relegation races are intense, especially for fans. When it’s about your club’s survival in the first division, a matter of life and death, stress levels are off the charts until it either ends in a burst of pure ecstasy or complete misery.

For fans of Dutch club NEC Nijmegen, the odds were stacked against them heading into the final day of the season. Facing the recently crowned Eredivisie champions Ajax, last-placed NEC needed at least a draw to pass Roda JC in the standings and stave off the automatic drop — a big ask. 

It didn’t look good, either. Ajax were up 2-1 with just two minutes to play. But then, NEC scored a dramatic, season-saving equalizer, sending the away fans into a frenzy.

For one individual, this was the crowning moment of his entire life:

Just look how happy he is. Sadly, someone should tell him the bad news.

As the team second from bottom, NEC must now play two more nail-biters in the relegation playoffs, ensuring that this guy will have a few more anxiety attacks this season.

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