David Meyler celebrates goal with brilliant head-butt

March 9th, 2014

What makes for a great goal celebration?

Energy, flair, attitude and acrobatics all come to mind, but it’s timeliness that might make the best ingredient of all.

Saturday, we witnessed Samuel Eto’o celebrate a Chelsea goal by using the corner flag as a cane, poking fun at himself after his true age has been publicly questioned. On Sunday, Hull City’s David Meyler utilized current events to his advantage, as well.

After giving Hull a 2-0 advantage over Sunderland in the FA Cup quarterfinals, Meyler ran over to the corner flag and gave it a solid, playful head-butt, only a week after Newcastle manager Alan Pardew controversially head-butted Meyler in a sideline altercation. Genius!

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