2013 in Review: Best Pitch Invaders

January 2nd, 2014

In case you haven’t noticed, we post a lot of videos of crazy fans — or animals — interrupting football games. They are an essential part of this blog. Without them, we are only half of what we’d be. A PB&J sandwich without the jelly. A kite without a string.

Our personal favorite of the year came from the lower divisions of Brazil’s promotion playoff system. A team masseuse of one team jumped onto the field and made an illegal save to keep his team from elimination, before running for his dear life out of the stadium:

He might still be running.

As previously noted, sometimes animals want to join in on the fun. Squirrels or chicken usually don’t stir up much trouble, but others can get quite feisty, like the notorious pine marten:

Or worse…bees!


Not all pitch invasions are traumatizing. Some actually have a happy ending. In what was one of the most touching moments of the year, a young fan ran onto the field during the International Champions Cup to give Cristiano Ronaldo a long embrace:

As you may remember, the fan faced criminal charges for his excursion - trespassing and disorderly conduct. But Ronaldo, perhaps touched by the sweet nothings his biggest fan whispered in his ears that day, sent a personal letter appealing prosecutors to drop the charges. They listened, and the young fan now owes Ronaldo another hug.

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