US soccer saves Mexico from World Cup elimination, takes shots at El Tri on Twitter

October 15th, 2013


On a night that will go down as one of the most remarkable and entertaining in CONCACAF history, Mexico found themselves on the brink of World Cup elimination before getting bailed out by their biggest rivals, the United States. Twice.

And US Soccer’s official Twitter account couldn’t help but rub it in.

Mexico entered Tuesday night, the final night of World Cup qualifying, needing a win or draw against Costa Rica to stave off elimination and secure at least fourth place, good enough for a playoff against New Zealand and a shot at earning a World Cup berth the long way. A Mexico loss and Panama win over the United States would have eliminated Mexico. And after Panama took an early lead against the United States, the pressure was on El Tri.
Midway through the second half, Costa Rica broke a 1-1 tie, pushing Mexico closer to being shut out of World Cup contention. But mere seconds earlier, just one country down the Central American isthmus, the USA drew level in Panama to keep Mexico in fourth place. In the 84th minute Panama took a second lead over the US, once again putting Mexico on the brink, this time with under ten minutes to go. Costa Rica’s lead held to the end, Mexico were defeated. The players trudged off the pitch with hanging heads, thinking their World Cup hopes had crashed and burned.

They didn’t know that, once again, the USA had just scored — not once, but twice, both in the final minutes of stoppage time — to seal a stunning comeback win that rescued their bitter rivals and send them into a home-and-home playoff tie against New Zealand.

This ironic twist of fate inspired the US twitter account to take some shots at El Tri:

Whether or not Mexicans will take these tweets personally, it’s not like they can have legitimate beef. The simple truth is, without the United States’ help, Mexico would be sitting at home during a World Cup for the first time since 1990, when they were banned by FIFA.

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