Head-first slide! Player loses three teeth after worst tackle ever

September 23rd, 2013

Gaspar Iniguez will never be able to live this moment down.

In a match against Boca Juniors, the 19-year-old Argentinos Juniors midfielder accidentally committed a head-first slide tackle on Boca’s Cristian Erbez, knocking out three of his own teeth according to Ole.com.

With just minutes to go in a goalless contest, Iniguez looked to prevent a dangerous-looking counterattack when he stumbled and fell face-first into Erbez’s run. The Boca man promptly collided with Iniguez’s face in what looks like one of the worst ways to lose some teeth.

To add insult to injury, Iniguez was also booked for the “tactical foul,” which will probably haunt the teenager every time he looks in the mirror for the rest of his life.

H/T Dirty Tackle