FC Luzern to hire strippers to perform pregame show before home games

September 13th, 2013

As they currently sit in fifth out of 10 sides in the Swiss Super League standings, FC Luzern have started the season well, but haven’t exactly given their fans anything to shout about yet.

That is, until now.


Bernard Alpstaeg, owner of FC Luzern. (Image via Blick)

The 68-year-old owner of the club, Bernard Alpstaeg, has come up with an ingenious way to capture the attention of the fans, and it’s likely to impress their adult male fans more than their female counterparts.

Yep, Alpstaeg wants to take “attractive football” to another level: He wants to hire strippers to entertain the fans before their games.

Alpstaeg said, “We are doing well this season and we have a great team, but we want to be even more attractive.”

"I want a show before kickoff. I want scantily clad strippers and sexy dancers to entertain fans before the game."

He certainly isn’t shy. In fact, he’s apparently even chosen his preferred ladies, as well as seeking approval from the Swiss FA. It’s certainly one way of getting the fans in.

In the immortal words of Alpstaeg himself: “The stadium would be full - that’s guaranteed!”

Unfortunately for Alpstaeg, Swiss FA rules state that only players, club coaching staff and TV crews are allowed onto the pitches for the hour before kickoff, meaning the shows are not likely to happen.

It’s probably for the best.


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