Venezuelan national team struck with explosive diarrhea?

September 5th, 2013


Venezuela manager Cesar Farias is facing quite the selection dilemma before his side’s match against Chile on Friday. 

According to multiple reports, 20 members of Venezuela’s 24-man squad were reportedly unable to practice due to a severe stomach virus. Farias has less than 24 hours to pray that his players recover from what is an ill-timed outbreak of the worst thing in the world.

"They [the squad] didn’t have a good night and they weren’t able to train well." Farias told reporters after Venezuela’s practice on Wednesday.

The cause of the sudden outbreak hasn’t been determined, but it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure that it probably involves food poisoning. Which makes you wonder: did 20 players seriously order the same dish? Who does that? Could you be a little less creative?

What’s even worse, Venezuela pretty much have to defeat Chile. The only CONMEBOL side to have never qualified for a World Cup currently sits in sixth place — five points behind fourth-placed Chile — with the top four qualifying automatically and the fifth-place side given a chance to eek into the World Cup through a playoff.

Tied on points with Uruguay and three matches remaining, Venezuela could really use the three points, but first they need their players back.

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