Kung-fu kick halts match in Paraguay

August 26th, 2013

A player in Paraguay responded to a series of red cards for his teammates by kung-fu kicking the referee straight in the face!

In a regional league match against Coronel Romero, Porvenir player Aldo Olmedo was rightly sent off for an atrocious tackle in the 71st minute. The referee was then angrily approached by two Porvenir players who somehow thought Olmedo’s tackle was defensible. Bumping into the ref  earned both players straight red cards as well (again, pretty straightforward).

Suddenly down to eight men, the rest of the team promptly converged on the official, with one (No. 11 shirt) going so far as to unleashing a textbook kung-fu side kick right into the referee’s grill. At this point, the police quickly entered the fray to prevent any further fighting, and the match was halted with Coronel Romero up 2-0 (though Porvenir probably didn’t have enough players left to continue anyway).

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