It’s National Failures Day: Let’s celebrate!

August 15th, 2013

In honor of National Failures Day (thank you, Blog Gods) we have compiled a nice, diverse selection of the best football fails from yesterday’s action.

No, it’s not just a highlight reel of Marouane Chamakh and Gervinho's greatest misses. Sadly, neither of them were in action yesterday. However, we can offer you this great miss by Czech Republic's Petr Jiráček to kick things off:

We’re off to a high-flying start here for National Failure Day. Thanks, Petr. Next, check out the own goal of the day, brought to you by Brazil’s Dani Alves.

It was a magnificent header by the Barcelona star. Unfortunately it handed Switzerland a shock win over the Brazilians.

Lastly, it wouldn’t be a proper National Failure Day without a truly mind-boggling goalkeeper howler. Thankfully, Argentine keeper Pablo Campodónico happily obliged with this epic fumble:

That’s all folks! Now go about your day, and try not to personally honor this “holiday” too much.

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