Juve’s Pirlo and Bonucci don’t impress at the other kind of football

July 31st, 2013

Ahead of their International Champions Cup encounter with Everton in San Francisco (tonight, 11 PM ET, LIVE on FOX Soccer), Juventus players Andrea Pirlo and Steven Bonucci visited the Stanford campus to try their hands at the “other” football.

It didn’t go so well.

Under the watchful eye of Stanford’s quarterbacks and wide receivers coach Mike Sanford (Stanford’s Sanford… has a nice ring to it!) Bonucci played the role of QB while Pirlo ran some routes. They had very little success.The look on Sanford’s face really says it all, but if we’re being honest, coach, you probably should have given Pirlo the nod at QB. He’s only one of the greatest passers of our time (albeit with his feet).

After realizing they just aren’t that useful with their arms, Pirlo and Bonucci went over to the other side of the field to try out as kickers. Not surprisingly, that turned out much better.

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