Stu Holden suffers “very serious” knee injury in Gold Cup final

July 28th, 2013

By Jamie Trecker,


Stuart Holden is facing the possibility of another long layoff from soccer after suffering what American manager Jurgen Klinsmann described as a “very serious” knee injury in today’s Gold Cup final. Holden was injured in the 22nd minute after a collision with Panama’s Alberto Quintero that left the Bolton star in a heap on the field, clutching his right knee.

Further tests will take place tomorrow, but the concern was evident in Klinsmann’s delivery. It seems clear that the Americans do not expect Holden to be in uniform any time again soon.


Omar Gonzalez carried Holden onto the field after the win. (Getty)

Holden has struggled with serious injuries throughout his professional career. He was infamously attacked outside a Newcastle bar and was left with a fractured eye socket; he has injured his ankles repeatedly, and has struggled to maintain fitness since. Holden also suffered serious injury to his left knee, taking twenty-six stitches after a tackle by Manchester United’s Jonny Evans in March 2011. He would end up sitting out of the sport for over a year. Since 2010, he has only made a combined 34 club appearances between Bolton and a loan spell with Sheffield Wednesday.


Holden’s latest injury is a serious blow. If it is confirmed he will be on the sidelines for an extended spell, he may miss out on the 2014 World Cup. At 27, Holden is also facing a race against time: not many clubs are likely to take a chance on a player who is more often in a hospital than on a field.

U.S. Soccer is expected to issue a statement on Holden’s condition following an examination here tomorrow.

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