UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva as…a soccer player!?

June 12th, 2013

It’s a good thing Anderson Silva chose to pursue mixed martial arts as a kid, and not a soccer career like 99% of Brazilians.

The defending UFC middleweight champion’s brute strength and temper (we’re just assuming here, please don’t hurt us) just wouldn’t translate well to the soccer pitch, as this funny Brazilian TV spot points out.

In a “what if” montage, Silva is seen botching kicks into the stands, revenge-tackling opponents left and right, even refusing to get subbed off the field. In the process, he dooms the Selecao’s World Cup hopes, becomes a national scape goat and, best of all, gets smacked upside the head by the great Pele.

Yup, good thing you stuck to fighting, Anderson!

Source: Vivo

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