Jose Mourinho is cut off while hinting at Real Madrid exit

April 30th, 2013

When Jose Mourinho is about to address his plans for the future, the absolute last thing you should do is cut him off. But that’s exactly what happened after Real Madrid was dumped from the Champions League on Tuesday.

As an ITV reporter is wrapping up his post-game interview with the Special One, this is how it unfolded:

"Maybe next season with Real?" the reporter asked. "Maybe not," Mourinho replied. So the reporter presses him, asking "Where?" In a dejected tone, Mourinho says:

"I don’t know, but I know I want to be where, I’d love to be where people love me to be…"

And just as Mourinho sounds like he’s about to continue and reveal what everyone has spent months anxiously awaiting, the reporter (or the producer in his ear) abruptly cuts Mou off, saying, “We’ll take that as England. I’ve gotta go.”

Stunning. Where does the reporter have to go that’s more important than potentially getting one of biggest scoops of the season? Whatever deadline forced the interview to end so suddenly surely could have waited another minute. Mourinho, who seemed ready to open up about his future, was probably left as baffled as we were.

And not only did the reporter cut him off, he was sure to make an incredibly arrogant assumption before ending the interview. Mou was probably referring to England, but the reporter has no place to assume it. How about taking another 30 seconds to ask, “And where is it that people love you?” But of course that would be too easy.

Well, since ITV didn’t take the opportunity to ask, Sky did and Mourinho hinted at where he might end up.

"I am loved by some clubs, especially one," he told Sky, likely talking about Chelsea.

So despite not being able to finish his thought in the first interview, Mourinho’s comments surely make a return to Stamford Bridge even more likely than ever before.

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