Radio host eats rat after losing bet

April 27th, 2013

Former Marseille defender Eric Di Meco might think twice before making his next bet.

Back in 2010, when right back Cesar Azpilicueta signed with Marseille from Osasuna, the club’s president at the time, Jean-Claude Dassier, declared Azpilicueta “the future right full back of the Spanish national team.”

Di Meco wasn’t impressed, and was confident enough in his assessment of the defender that he declared, “if that happens, I’ll eat a rat.”

Since then, Azpilicueta has moved to Chelsea and made his debut with the Spanish national team. He started against Uruguay, and played all 90 minutes in Spain’s 3-1 win back in February.

So, Di Meco kept his word, and ate a rat on live radio while the video cameras rolled. At least he had a glass of wine nearby to wash it down.

Via 101GG

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