Premier League: Final Four Bracket

April 5th, 2013

In the spirit of March Madness, FOX Soccer’s #BPL Faves bracket is now down to the Final Four. Who is YOUR favorite player in the Barclays Premier League? Can’t decide? Well, we’re providing fact sheets from our remaining candidates and giving you the ultimate decision:

VOTE: Chicharito vs Wayne Rooney

4 Seed - Chicharito (Manchester United)

Round of 16: Defeated (1) Robin Van Persie

Quarterfinals: Defeated (2) Frank Lampard

Age: 24; Country: Mexico

Table: 1st place

Games played: 15

Goals: 8; Assists: 2

2 Seed - Wayne Rooney (Manchester United)

Round of 16: Defeated (3) Clint Dempsey

Quarterfinals: Defeated (1) Steven Gerrard

Age: 27; Country: England

Table: 1st place

Games played: 21

Goals: 12; Assists: 9


VOTE: Gareth Bale vs Jack Wilshere

1 Seed - Gareth Bale (Tottenham)

Round of 16: Defeated (4) Marouane Fellaini

Quarterfinals: Defeated (2) Luis Suarez

Age: 23; Country: Wales

Table: 3rd place

Games played: 28

Goals: 17; Assists: 3

2 Seed - Jack Wilshere (Arsenal)

Round of 16: Defeated (3) Carlos Tevez

Quarterfinals: Defeated (1) Theo Walcott

Age: 21; Country: England

Table: 5th place

Games played: 18

Goals: 0; Assists: 3

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