Bees, chicken want in on the soccer pitch invader fun

March 18th, 2013

More and more animals are displacing humans as pitch invaders these days, and it seems they’re also having much more success evading the stewards!

Last week, it was the wild marten that took a Swiss league match (and eventually all of us) by storm and even bit a player, and now we got the chickens of Blackburn and the bees of Brazil causing a stir.

First, watch as this chicken is unfazed by the Steward’s attempts at catching it, evading it time after time before hopping back over the advertising boards. To the disappointment of the crowd, that’s where the chick’s adventure abruptly ended.

Meanwhile in a Brazilian match over the weekend, fans had nothing to laugh at. A swarm of bees (cue Nic Cage) gathered on the crossbar during a game between Ponte Preta and Atletico Sorocab, causing mass hysteria and a 15-minute delay. Amazingly, the fire department had to be called to the rescue after burning the bees alive didn’t quite get the job done!

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