Following Friday’s UEFA Champions League quarterfinal draw in Nyon, Switzerland, Paris Saint-Germain’s director of football Leonadro interviewed with Sky Italia regarding his side’s pairing against European giant Barcelona. Always the romantic, the opportunistic ex-Milan star asked his girlfriend, Sky Italia presenter Anna Billo, to marry him on live television. The proposal caught Billo off guard, prompting the visibly embarrassed beauty to laugh during the telecast.

Billo was visibly surprised and embarrassed when Leonardo said, ”Can I ask you a question? Do you want to marry me?”

The presenter laughed and insisted they would talk about it at home, but when pressed she said, ”OK … yes.”

An overjoyed Leonardo responded with, ”Since we have drawn Barcelona, let’s get married … we’ll have two ceremonies, in Milan and Brazil.”

Billo has been going out with Leonardo for four years and has a child with the former Brazil midfielder.

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