Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson tried his best to squash reports of Wayne Rooney’s possible exit from the club by addressing the media early Friday morning.

The United boss left Rooney out of the Red Devils’ lineup for Tuesday’s Champions League match against Real Madrid, prompting many to speculate Fergie’s willingness to accept a transfer bid later this summer.

“Wayne will be here next year, you have my word on that. There is no issue between myself and Wayne Rooney. To suggest we don’t talk is nonsense.

“He understood the reasons completely. Tactically we got it right. We don’t always but we did then. There are no issues with the player and he will be involved on Sunday.”

Of course he understood, Fergie. Tuesday’s match was nothing “special.” It’s not like players want to showcase their skills in big stages, right?  We don’t buy it, and you shouldn’t either. So we gotta ask, is Rooney staying or leaving Old Trafford?

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