Ode to Robbie Keane

March 4th, 2013

When Mike Magee scored his third goal of the match for the LA Galaxy on Sunday, completing his hat trick, he added a little extra to his celebration.

The unstoppable forward did a somersault and put his index fingers to the sky, seeming to imitate the post-goal antics of teammate Robbie Keane. It turns out that Magee attempted the celebration to give thanks to his strike partner.

“[Keane] had a part in all three of my goals. That was my makeshift, last-second try to do a Robbie Keane celebration. I had no idea what I was doing. It was a little bit of a thank you to him for having something to do with all three of them,” Magee said after the 4-0 Galaxy win.

It wasn’t pretty, but certainly a fun moment to cap a dominant performance from the forward. Clearly his efforts with his feet were stellar in the match, but he didn’t rate his own ode to Keane well.

“It felt terrible. It felt absolutely terrible. That’ll be the last time I do it. That’ll be all the thanks he’ll get,” Magee said. “Won’t say it verbally though.”

When asked how he thought Magee did in his copy-cat attempt, the Irish striker didn’t hesitate in his reply.

“Terrible,” Keane said. “He obviously saw the real one after.”

And Magee, along with his teammates and the crowd at the Home Depot Center, did indeed see the flawless execution of Keane’s trademark celebration.

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