Frank Lampard signs children’s book deal

February 12th, 2013


If Chelsea don’t want him, Lampard will have plenty of other options to ply his trade next season. And one of them doesn’t even have anything to do with football! Yup, that headline you see is correct: Frank Lampard, children’s book author.

Lamps will write five books, called “Frankie’s Magic Football,” for children aged five and above starting this summer. The stories will reportedly follow the adventures of a school boy, aptly named Frankie, his football-loving friends and his pet dog Max.

Lampard, who has two daughters aged five and eight, said reading to his children inspired him to write:

"I first had the idea of Frankie and his Magic Football when reading stories to my own children," he said in a statement.

"Sport and reading are two essentials for us at home, so I decided to make up my own football stories and adventures."

Aww, how sweet! Now let’s just hope none of the stories include the adventures of “Johnny” Terry!

Via BBC News.

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