The Ibrahimovic challenge

January 5th, 2013

The gauntlet has been set and it’s up to Zlatan Ibrahimovic to accept.

Or not.

According to reports from France, a PSG fan has teased the Swedish striker that he will part with his purchased domain name,, and offer it to Ibrahimovic if and only if the Swede completes one of his 12 preposterous challenges listed below:

1. Offer me a dedicated PSG jersey, with my name on it and the following quote: “After Zlatan, you really are the best !”

2. Stay at my place for a month. This way, all my life, I could say “Ibra? Sure, he used to sleep on my couch for a while.”

3. Offer me 3 lifetime season tickets, for two of my friends and I. Obviously, I’m talking about Official tribune tickets… don’t try to fool me with your crappy H Blue tribune tickets…

4. Win penalty kicks against me, at the Parc des Princes of course, so that you’re at home and have no excuse in case I win.

5. Beat me at taekwondo. I’ve heard you’re not too bad at it. As I’ve never practiced that sport myself, I recommend you to choose this challenge.

6. Give me one of your locks of hair as a gift. Samson’s strength came from his long hair. I think it works the same way with you. Then, I can make a key ring with it, which will bring me power for the rest of my life.

7. Beat me at FIFA13. You can choose the teams but, anyway trust me, there is no way you can make it.

8. Score a more-than-30-meter-backflip-goal in an official game. Just kidding… this is not realistic.

9. Let me slap you in the face, without saying a word… and in public obviously.

10. Offer a bare-chested dedicated photo of you to my girlfriend. Frankly, among all of those challenges, I have to confess it’s not my favorite. I’m getting fed up to see twinkles in her eyes when you take off your jersey at the end of a game.

11. Manage to have Neymar sign at PSG during the 2013 summer transfer market.

12. Simply ask me to let you have this domain name for free… but face to face and – as a tribute to Guillaume – in French obviously.


The question we pose to Zlatan is this: will you accept the challege?

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