This upcoming Saturday’s game between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund doesn’t need much hyping up as it is. It’s the premier rivalry game in Germany for several decades now, and pits the Bundesliga's two most lethal teams against each other.

But let’s just say the stakes have been raised a bit after a Dortmund fan and his friends broke into the Allianz Arena and sprayed the BVB logo on the window of a VIP lounge. A lot of outlets have called this a “fake” video, but it really happened…though maybe not in the most literal sense.

The BVB fan was promoting his own washable spray paint product with the video, so some of it is staged, but according to German news outlets, they legitimately broke in!

Needless to say, Bayern will be under serious pressure to defend its home turf on Saturday after that stunt!

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