Tottenham Hotspur: Karaoke Kings

September 26th, 2012

This video of Tottenham Hotspur players performing an a cappella version of “Stand By Me” was recently brought to our attention. It may be from last year, but it’s still a gem. And if we’re being honest, these guys are actually quite good.

And now that the Spurs have added Clint Dempsey to their roster, one can only imagine the possibilities. If you don’t already know, the American — also known as ‘Deuce’ — dabbles in rapping from time to time. In case you’ve somehow never seen it, here’s “Don’t Tread,” from way back in 2006. And even if you have watched it before, you know it’s worth another look:

Now, with their powers combined, what can Tottenham and Deuce come up with? We wait anxiously for the next behind-the-scenes karaoke video from Spurs.