Meet FOX Soccer Plus’ Second Hardcore Fan: Liz H.

September 18th, 2012

“My husband, Steve, proposed on the day of the Champions League final at our pub, Ireland’s Four Courts in Arlington, VA.  Beltways Blues is a very close knit group.  While our passion for Chelsea introduced us all to each other, many of us are good friends outside of match days - we get together at the pub for trivia night, attend DC United matches, and travel together to Stamford Bridge, Champions League away matches, the summer tour and have fun exploring these new cities.  If you noticed a big green stuffed frog on TV during any of the summer matches, that was us!

 “Steve wanted all our friends to share in our happiness and he worked for weeks with one of the bartenders at Four Courts to plan the surprise proposal and get the Beltway Blues in on the plan.  Many of us arrived at the pub several hours prior to kick off to socialize and make sure we claimed enough space for everyone.  When I was ready for a refill on my Guinness, the bartender took my mug (many of us have Chelsea-themed personalized mugs at Four Courts - mine is “Chelski”) and replaced it with one engraved with “Will You Marry Me?”   At first I thought I got the wrong mug and was ready to hand it back to the bartender!  Then I read the engraving and was completely floored!  Steve walked over with a little white box holding a Chelsea-blue sapphire engagement ring.  Of course I said “yes” and then the Four Courts staff brought us all champagne. 


“I was so happy to be surrounded by my friends.  But for us, that was a warm up to the important stuff - cheering on our boys in blue.   When Drogba’s PK went in the back of the net, we were both in tears of joy.  The next week we were married in a private civil ceremony.  We recently had our post-wedding celebration with many Beltway Blues in attendance, with the date chosen to work around the summer tour, pre-season matches, and the Community Shield.” — As told to FOX Soccer Plus by Liz H.

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